Wednesday, June 8, 2011


If you visit the Hamptons this summer,
 one place you should consider for lunch (or dinner) 
is Dockside at the American Legion in Sag Harbor.
I'm sure the American Legion is probably not 
the first thing that pops into your head 
when you think of lunch, but in Sag Harbor,
that's an exception.

I love eating at Dockside, and in the summer, 
you will have to stand in line, cross your fingers, 
and just hope that you can be seated in
the outside dining area.

John and I were out running errands Saturday afternoon, 
when we decided to stop for a quick lunch.
We (luckily) missed the crowd on this particular afternoon
because we had a late lunch/early dinner 
ending about 4 o'clock.

Hamptons weather is perfection in the summertime.
The blue skies seem endless. 
It's (almost) never too hot,
and there is very little humidity.
An ever present breeze blows in from the water
and sitting outside at Dockside,
 overlooking the Harbor 
is one of my favorite treats.

In about 2 more weeks,
each and every boat slip will be filled
and this area will be cra-zy!

Another reason to eat at Dockside
is the food!
John enjoyed the
Lobster Roll.

And I devoured the
Carnitas Tacos.

If you are in the Hamtpons this summer
and stop by Dockside,
don't forget to order your Wolffer rose'.
It's a light crisp wine
to savor while you enjoy
the whole experience!

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  1. ahh ive always wanted to visit the hamptons! so amazing that you lived there for 3 years. its such an inspirational places for painters.